Debunking Root Canal Myths

Root canals have a terrible reputation. In movies and on television, we see characters undergoing the dreaded procedure with fear and trembling.

If your dentist suggests a root canal, there’s no reason to run and hide; most of the rumors you’ve heard are wrong and even outdated! Here are a few root canal myths and the real facts about the procedure.

Myth 1: Root Canals Are Painful

Even in the world of modern dentistry (and numbing), people still believe that root canals are painful. Some of the treatment methods that were used a long time ago involved pain. Today, with the help of an anesthetic, you can have a root canal and feel little to no pain at all.

If you experience any pain associated with a root canal, it’s because of the decaying tooth that root canals are used to treat. A dead or decaying tooth is usually infected and that’s very painful. It gets more painful the longer you wait to get treatment. So your fear of getting a root canal could actually be the cause of your pain.

Myth 2: Root Canals Cause Illness

Years ago, there was a study conducted that declared root canals as the cause of diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and kidney disease. Unfortunately, this research was done way before doctors could properly determine and understand the causes of disease.

Today, there is no valid evidence that links root canals to illness. The process is harmless and completely safe when administered by a professional.

Myth 3: It’s Better to Pull the Tooth Than to Get a Root Canal

You may have heard that it’s just better to pull your tooth instead of getting a root canal treatment. This simply isn’t true. The best possible option is one that keeps your natural tooth as long as possible. In fact, pulling the tooth could lead to dental problems like jaw pain and tooth drifting.

This myth is often used as an excuse not to see a dentist to get a root canal. Believers of this myth might opt to pull their tooth themselves instead of seeing a professional. Actually, this is the most dangerous thing to do. Seeing a dental professional is the safest option when treating a dead or decaying tooth.

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