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Dental Gifts for the Whole Family

‘Tis the season to deck the halls and trim the tree! The holidays can be a great time to encourage oral hygiene while making it fun. Once the big items are tied up in bows under the tree, fill the stockings with treats to keep smiles bright. What can be better than surprising those you love with dental gifts that are both fun and beneficial to their health? 

Stocking stuffers are the perfect way to equip kids with tools to fight cavities. Keep reading for our top 5 dental gifts that are sure to please.

Tasty Treats

When choosing treats to fill the stockings, opt for those low in sugar that won’t stick to teeth. Sugar free gum and candies are a great choice. Chocolate is another good choice, especially dark chocolate sweetened with xylitol rather than sugar. It doesn’t stick to teeth and washes away easily. Remember to brush teeth after indulging in holiday treats.

Fun Toothbrushes

With so many options to choose from, a new toothbrush is a fun way to fill a stocking for kids big and small. Find the right color or character to make brushing fun and exciting. For smaller kids, choose a toothbrush with a large handle for tiny hands to grip. Remember to always use soft bristles for young sensitive gums.

For older kids, a cool new electric toothbrush will make brushing easier. Settings can include options for sensitivity, whitening, and often brush time ensuring a full 2 minutes of teeth cleaning. 

A Travel Case

The older kids get, the more on-the-go they are. Between sleepovers, summer camps, and other overnight adventures, it’s time for a fun case to keep that fancy new toothbrush in. There are more options than ever for cases and bags to keep bristles from brushing up against harmful germs and bacteria. Find a fun polkadot, camo print, or bright color travel case for their stocking this year.

Toothpaste Dispenser

This may not be an obvious stocking stuffer, but it will not disappoint. With new options like electronic animal shapes, kids will look forward to brushing their teeth. These dispensers come in both manual and electric options to put just the right amount of toothpaste on the brush. If animal shapes aren’t their thing, these fun mess savers come in a variety of other styles. 

Fun Accessories

For younger children getting ready to lose a tooth, surprise them with a special tooth fairy pillow. A keepsake to cuddle at night while waiting for the magical fairy to visit. How about a dentist-related children’s book to accompany it? Look for a book that encourages good oral hygiene and healthy habits. 

Whatever you decide to stuff the stockings with, be sure to avoid sticky, sugary candies that can cause damage to teeth and gums. Take the opportunity to give fun, yet practical, dental gifts that encourage good oral hygiene. With a variety of colors and characters, brushing and flossing will be more fun than ever. 

When the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, be sure to visit the experts at LeCroy Dental to keep your teeth in tip top shape. Contact us today to schedule your next check up!