Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth can be a pain to deal with, and we are not just talking about the physical pain. It can be difficult to know if and when to get your wisdom teeth taken out, and often times, different doctors will give you different answers. Read over the following considerations, and then talk to your dentist about what would be the best option for you.

Before It Is Even a Concern

More and more doctors are recommending that people have their wisdom teeth removed at a young age. When you are younger, the bones and roots in your jaw and teeth are not fully developed, which makes for an easier procedure and usually leads to a faster recovery. With the majority of Americans getting their wisdom teeth removed eventually anyway, it makes sense to get it done while it will be less painful.

In the Way

While these teeth may be wise, they are not always the most courteous. Wisdom teeth often crowd your other teeth, which can lead to various mouth issues and can also unalign dental work you may have already received. There is also a good possibility of wisdom teeth coming in at weird angles along the jawline. If you feel your teeth coming up and something doesn’t feel right, contact your dentist immediately.

Causing Problems

One of the worst (but most common things) that can happen is your wisdom teeth being fully or partially covered by your gums. Partially covered wisdom teeth are prone to disease and infection due to bacteria from food getting trapped in the gum. Fully covered wisdom teeth also are at risk for infection, or even a cyst, and can create damage to the roots of nearby teeth.

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