The Many Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Digital technology continues to change the world around us, and one of the most impacted fields is dentistry. Although it has not been implemented in most offices across the United States, the practices that do use digital dentistry are saving time and money for more clear results – which should certainly make patients happy! LeCroy Dental has experience with this wonderful technology through the 3Shape TRIOS® Scanner and would recommend it to any interested dentists. Below, we discuss why digital dentistry is the way of the future.

Patient Experience

Every patient can attest to the discomfort that comes in the form of your typical impression. At best this process is irritating to the gums and at worse it is painful, but digital dentistry removes these nuisances and provides patients a much more comfortable experience. Patients also get a much more clear view of their teeth and gums, which allows them to better comprehend the information being explained by the dentist.

After the initial costs of this technology, dentists begin saving on costs that come with inferior methods by eliminating the need for shipping and impression materials. One of the biggest benefits however, is the ability of patients to see what the expected outcomes of different procedures would look like before they happen.

Dentist Experience

Many of the benefits we discussed for patients also make life easier for the dentist! Reducing everyday spending, easier communication, and a more comfortable experience for patients all create a much better environment for the dentist and their team.

Digital dentistry even allows dentists to reduce time spent getting results back, which allows them to see more patients in return. Perhaps the biggest benefit for dentists, though, is the much higher accuracy that digital dentistry provides! This technology can replicate a patient’s bite in real time and archives records digitally so storage is no longer a concern.

Dentists can get a perfect model of their patient’s mouth, discuss it with them, and store this data at a rate that would stun dentist offices of the past! There is also much more room to explore potential options for treatment with this technology, giving the dentist a clearer picture of what needs to be done before taking the action to do so. We cannot state enough how much digital tech has improved our daily routines.

LeCroy Dental Is Leading the Way

We understand that digital dentistry is the dentistry of the future, and have made investments now to provide the very best results for our patients. We are always looking for the latest technology updates and how we can use them to increase comfort, decrease costs, and provide the absolute best treatment options. Contact us today for more information on our routine appointments or a more specific dental service.