Things to Do Before Your Upcoming Dentist Visit

Going to the dentist can be scary for some of us. Some people even put off their visit! But, most of the time, the anticipation is far worse than the actual visit. Plus, there are lots of things you can do in preparation for your upcoming dentist visit to make it an even smoother experience!

5 Things You Can Do for Your Upcoming Dentist Visit

It might seem like overkill to prep for a routine dental checkup—but it’s always best to be prepared. Not only will your dentist thank you: They’ll also be able to deliver the best care possible when you’re ready for your visit. 

#1: Clean Your Mouth

This one (hopefully) goes without saying. Not only is making sure your mouth is clean before your visit common courtesy: It will also make it easier for your dentist to do their job. Get all the food out of your teeth, give them a good brushing, and maybe even swish with some mouthwash! 

#2: Know Why You’re There

Is this a regular checkup and cleaning, or is there something more serious you need to talk to your dentist about? Are you having some sort of procedure done? Knowing exactly why you need to see your dentist is crucial to a good experience—for you and your dentist! For example, some procedures require that you not eat for a specific number of hours beforehand. 

If it’s a routine checkup, but something’s been bothering you, make sure you plan ahead of time to bring it up to your dentist. This will help you communicate exactly what you’re experiencing so your dentist can have a better understanding of what to do next. 

#3: Bring the Necessary Information

Just like any other medical visit, you’ll need to provide specific information like your address, insurance information, and other details. Make sure you bring all of this to the office when you go for your visit. 

#4: Know Your Medical History

The information you’ll need to provide your dentist includes a thorough knowledge of your own medical history! Make sure you’re prepared with information on any allergies or medical conditions you might have, what medication you’re on, or any past procedures you’ve had done. 

#5: Be Honest

Dental procedures aren’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time, and that can make it tempting to put off seeking care or to downplay pain or discomfort to your dentist. But the reality is, the longer you put off an oral health problem, the more likely it will become serious. If you speak up about any problems you’re having now, you could significantly reduce the risk of needing a procedure at all! 

Your dentist is there to help you, not hurt you. Relax, take a deep breath, and be honest about what’s bothering you. 

Ready to See Your Dentist?

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