Tooth Fairy Ideas for Today’s Kids

The beloved tradition of the tooth fairy has been around for decades, and if you want to keep it up in 2019 we have some fun ideas that your kids will love.

How It Started

Though it may seem like the tooth fairy has always been around, the very first mention in print was only in 1927! An eight-page children’s play written by Esther Watkins Arnold first introduced the world to the tooth fairy. The play took a while to gain traction, but when it did, word of the tooth fairy spread. The popularity among children of the Disney fairy characters helped make the tooth fairy what it is today!

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay?

The current average rate for a lost tooth in 2019 is $3.70. Keep in mind that this is an average, most people don’t put odd amounts of change under a pillow! This is lower than the average last year, which was $4.13. The all-time recorded high, however, was in 2017 at $4.66 per tooth. You can decide, of course, how much to give your child—or you don’t have to give money at all! Get creative with it.

Fairy Money

If you’d rather not leave real money under the pillow, you can get creative with fun prizes or little gifts. If you want to encourage your kids to maintain good oral health, maybe the tooth fairy could gift them a new toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character! You could leave a special coupon for something you know your child loves to do, like taking a trip to the zoo or picking out the movie you all watch together. If your child loves reading, you could leave a new book under the pillow, or any other small gift you know they’ve been wanting!

Fairy Note

Fairies are supposed to be tiny! Cut down a little piece of paper and leave your child a note from the tooth fairy. There’s no detail too small—you could use a fun-colored paper, dip the note in glitter, roll it up like a little scroll, etc. The tooth fairy could be thanking your kids for taking good care of their teeth, and encourage them to keep up with their oral hygiene. You could even pick a name for their tooth fairy, and sign the note!


There are a lot of ways to get creative with the tooth fairy. Losing teeth is an exciting milestone for a kid, so be sure to celebrate it and make them feel special! Aside from what’s under the pillow, you could make the tooth fairy seem even more realistic by leaving glittery footprints on the windowsill, or having the tooth fairy leave something behind like a little crown, scepter, or slipper.

Tooth Fairy Journal

This is a great idea to compile all your toothy memories into one place! Every time your child loses a tooth, take a picture of their smile and put the photo in a journal or photo album. You can include notes if you want, like the date the tooth fell out or how it came out. Once it’s finished, you and your child will have a fun memory to look back on.

Tooth Fairies Around the World

While the tooth fairy may not exist in every country, celebration of losing baby teeth has sparked traditions almost everywhere!

In Argentina, kids will put their lost tooth in a glass of water for El Raton de Los Dientes, or the tooth mouse! At night, the tooth mouse will come and drink the water, take the tooth, and leave behind a fun little prize in the empty cup.

In Japan, children throw their teeth—that’s right, they throw them! Typically, lower teeth are thrown at the ceiling, and upper teeth are thrown at the ground.

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