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3 Surprising Foods that Are Damaging Your Teeth

Soda, energy drinks, hard candy – you’ve heard a million times how they’re loaded with sugar (true) and can cause cavities (also true). Because sugar is a sticky carbohydrate, bacteria latches onto it, which produces acid – and that acid can erode your tooth enamel.

If you’re health-conscious already, you’re probably avoiding sugary junk foods anyway. But some of the healthy foods you eat can be just as damaging to your smile as junk foods. Read on!

#1: Citrus Fruits

Oranges contain a lot of Vitamin C, which is crucial for maintaining the collagen in your gums. However, eating too much citrus can really do a number on your teeth. Specifically, it can soften and ultimately erode your tooth enamel – which doesn’t grow back. Lemons and limes tend to be the worst options for your teeth, but any citrus fruit juice is just about as erosive as a Coke.

The fix: After you get your citrus fix, drink a tall glass of water. About 20 minutes after that, brush your teeth. (Your teeth are softened immediately after exposure to citrus, so brushing too soon could actually do even more damage.)

#2: Almonds

Almonds are great for your overall health. With a high level of Vitamin E and healthy fats that keep you feeling satisfied, they’re an excellent snack option – except when it comes to your teeth. Because of how hard they are, they create a wedge of sorts when you bite down on them – and your teeth can actually fracture.

The fix: Go for sliced almonds instead of whole ones. Your teeth won’t have to work quite as hard, reducing the risk of a fracture.

#3: Coffee

We can almost hear the groaning on this one! We know, it’s cruel to say your morning fuel is bad for your teeth, so we’ll start with the fact that the antioxidants in coffee are great for you. (Yay!) However, because of how badly it can stain your teeth, it can cause buildup on the surface of your teeth, which allows plaque to stick more easily.

The fix: If you just can’t give up coffee, try switching to iced coffee and drink it through a straw. Adding a little milk can offset the acidity, too.

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