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4 Things to Know About Traveling Abroad for Dental Care

People travel abroad for dental care for many reasons. Sometimes, they’re hoping to see a famous specialist who practices overseas; other times, they’re trying to get a procedure done at a lower cost.

If you’re thinking about becoming a “dental tourist,” there are a few things you should check into before you get on that plane! Read on.

#1: Discrepancies in Standards

Dental standards around the world are not consistent! In the United States, for example, a dentist must have graduated from an accredited program and earned certifications before he or she is able to practice. In other countries, the standards may be more or less strict. Find out what the standards are before you go – and make sure you’re not entering into an unsafe situation.

#2: Language Barriers

If you’re not fluent in the country’s language that you plan to visit, you may find it hard to ask questions and gather information about your procedure. Additionally, your dental care providers may have a difficult time accessing or translating your medical records. Be sure that you have a way to communicate effectively with your dental care providers so that everyone is on the same page.

#3: Recuperation Difficulties

We know – a trip to an exotic destination sounds fabulous! But it’s less fabulous when you’re trying to recover from a dental procedure. From unexpected inconveniences to homesickness, be sure you’re prepared for the recovery process in a place that isn’t your home.

#4: Follow-Up Visits and Care

What if you come back home, only to realize there is a problem with your treatment? You may not be able to hop back on a plane to see the person who performed the procedure, so before you leave, make sure you have arrangements with someone in your home country for follow-up care.

Keep It Simple – Stay Where You Are!

While traveling abroad for dental care may sound like a great idea, in practice, it is often inconvenient and even dangerous.

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