5 Easy Ways To Get You Kid To Brush

Teaching your child good oral hygiene at a young age is critical for their health. By having your children practice positive oral hygiene techniques, you can create good habits for their future.

Creating strong brushing habits into adulthood isn’t the only reason great dental care is important for children. Many people believe that kids have a second chance when it comes to oral hygiene because they will lose their baby teeth. This is a myth.

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Baby teeth serve as a space holder until adult teeth grow in. Baby teeth not properly taken care of can cause a child pain, low self-esteem, and speech problems. Strong baby teeth promote nutrition by supporting good chewing techniques.

All that being said, it can be quite difficult to encourage children to brush. Below we have five easy tips to help encourage brushing at home!

It’s important to remember, though, that children also need to visit a dentist biannual beginning approximately 6 months after the first tooth arrives. If you are seeking a kind, family-oriented dentist in Hoover, we’d love to help.

Now, onto the tips!

#1: The Coolest Toothbrush

Sometimes your children’s dental woes can be cured by simply purchasing a toothbrush they deem ‘cool.’ Children have exciting toothbrush options these days. At any local drug store you are likely to find sparkly brushes, neon brushes, glow in the dark brushes, brushes with super heros, brushes with princesses, musical brushes, and so on. Make toothbrush shopping exciting by letting your child choose (and compliment their decision!)

#2: Wacky Toothpaste!

If an interesting toothbrush isn’t exciting enough for your child, get a little crazy with toothpaste! Experiment with different flavors to find your child’s preference. Mint is often the least favorite flavor among children. Toothpastes also often feature a child’s favorite TV character and can be sparkly, and colorful!

#3: Get Musical

Most dentists agree that toothbrushing should last for at least two minutes. Why not set up a speaker in their bathroom with a playlist of great two minute songs! Kids love music. Having them associate brushing their teeth with music could make the entire process more enjoyable, and even, perhaps, something they look forward to!

#4: Do It Together

Sometimes the strangest things can be a person’s most fond memory as an adult. Something as simple as brushing your teeth with mom or dad could give you fond memories for a lifetime. Join your children while brushing. In doing so, you can oversee their technique, and create fun and lasting memories. And don’t be afraid to turn the music up and dance!

#5: Find An Understanding Family Dentist In Hoover

Finding an understanding family dentist in Hoover could play a major role in the way a child perceives dental hygiene. Sometimes the reason a child doesn’t enjoy brushing is because they find it uncomfortable, or even scary. A good family dentist has experience helping children overcome their issues. Choosing a dentist your child likes and trust will assist in good cleaning habits at home, and in their future.

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