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Biting Your Nails While Nervous? Chew on These Helpful Tips Instead!

Nail biting is a habit that goes back a long, long time. While it isn’t unusual, it isn’t the best way to treat our teeth, either. This subconscious way of reducing stress may create temporary relief, but at what cost? If you currently practice this habit, now is the time to put it to rest.

Consequences of Nail Biting

Chewing on your nails creates many problems for your teeth. One of the more severe would be gingivitis. This happens when the nails become lodged between your teeth and gums. While this seems like an unusual consequence, it happens in more cases than one would assume.

Nail biting also weakens the roots of your teeth, which can severely loosen them and potentially cause some to fall out. One of the more common and serious side effects of nail biting is chipped teeth. The more you chew, the more your enamel is affected and your chances of a chipped tooth increase.  

Nail Biting Solutions

Now that we have provided the motivation for quitting that nail biting habit, let’s discuss ways to stop!

First things first: the buddy system is not just about swimming anymore. If you have someone that is constantly around (like a family member or roommate), recruit them to call you out on your nail biting.

Second, recognize the little moments where you tend to chew more often, and actively work to break the habit in those times. While we don’t encourage starting a new addiction, replacing your chewing habit with something less sinister can be a good way of ending the problem. Try filing your nails or playing with a small object instead.

Barganier & LeCroy DMD Is Here to Help!

Whether you are working on stopping a bad habit or trying to fix the consequences of your actions, we are here to find your solution. We specialize in everything dental, including dental cleaning, hygiene, and fillings. Our use of technology like X-Rays and Digital Imaging allows us to get a clear view of the problem and address it head on! Don’t let your nervous habit bring you down. Instead, take these helpful tips, address the problem head on, and contact us if you have any further questions.