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Brace Yourself for This Cleaning Information!

Cleaning our teeth involves some effort — even more so for those who have braces. While braces are great for straightening teeth, they present new challenges when it comes to hygiene. Learning the proper methods to keep our teeth and gums clean with these extra obstacles is crucial for a healthy mouth. Improper cleaning can lead to serious issues like gingivitis, so we really stress the importance of understanding and applying correct cleaning methods!


The first step to a proper cleaning experience is having the right equipment! This includes the correct toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a floss threader. Having a soft toothbrush that can reach around the wires in your mouth without damaging your braces is very important. We recommend fluoride-focused toothpaste, which strengthens teeth and fights against tooth decay, when it comes to brushing with braces. Flossing is always important, but especially with braces since it is much easier for food to get caught in your mouth during this time. To guarantee that your flossing efforts are effective, a floss threader needs to be used.


It’s very important to make cleaning around the gums a daily routine. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy should always be a main priority, but braces can create some serious plaque build-up and others issues if they are not treated properly. It can take less than two days for gingivitis to appear, so there is no time for slacking. Along with giving your teeth the attention they deserve, it’s necessary to stay on a consistent check-up and cleaning schedule with your dentist.


When it comes to brushing, the main thing you need to remember is not to overbrush. This is a bad practice in general that can cause damage to your gums, but the addition of breakable brackets only makes this worse. Practice the usual brushing and flossing techniques, with extra care around the braces. The threader for flossing may seem difficult at first, but soon it’ll become second nature.

Barganier & LeCroy Can Help

We have years of experience cleaning all sorts of teeth, including those with braces! Whether you need a routine cleaning, an urgent appointment, or advice about proper hygiene, feel free to contact us for more information.