By the Numbers: Your Guide to a Healthy Mouth

Keeping your mouth healthy does a lot more than just give you an attractive smile. Good oral health also reduces your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, and pregnancy complications. Makes that toothbrush seem a little more important, doesn’t it?

Read on for a collection of numbers that will help you know exactly what to do for your oral health – and for how long!

2: Minutes You Should Brush Your Teeth

Do this twice a day and you’ll be well on your way to a great set of chompers. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush, and go easy on your gums!

30: Minutes Before Brushing After Acidic Consumption

If you’ve just had your morning coffee, give your saliva some time to attack the acid before it hurts your tooth enamel. After half an hour, go ahead and brush that coffee breath away!

1: Times You Should Floss Daily

Nope, you don’t have to floss every time you brush. (We’re not saying it’s a bad idea, though.)

18: Inches of Floss You Should Use

That’s a foot and a half of floss! How much are you using every night? Time to get out the ruler…

2: Times You Should Visit Your Dentist Annually

If you’re more cavity-prone than most people, you can double that.

4: Months a Toothbrush Functions Properly

You know that toothbrush you got at your last dental appointment 6 months ago? You may want to start thinking about a replacement.

3: Years Between X-Rays

Any more frequently is unnecessary. Less frequently, and you risk missing a developing problem. Just make sure you tell your dentist if you’re pregnant!

2: Degrees Your Dentist Should Have

Pay a little more attention to those framed diplomas on the office wall. Your dentist should have a bachelor’s degree plus a D.D.S or a D.M.D.

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