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Chipped Tooth Treatment: What Should I Do?

Whether you fall down the stairs or lift a glass too swiftly up to your mouth, chipped teeth happen – but is it a big deal? And what do you do after you’ve chipped your tooth? Chipped tooth treatment can mean a lot of different things, but it’s important to act fast. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can be proactive, and what to expect if you get a chipped tooth.

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Immediate Response

Cracked or chipped teeth may or may not cause pain, but you will definitely be able to feel it. Regardless of whether you are uncomfortable or not, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

In the meantime, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water, apply pressure to the area with gauze or tissue if you are bleeding, and examine the damage. If you can’t get to your dentist on the same day, you need to purchase dental cement at your nearest drug store to temporarily protect your tooth.

Chipped Tooth Treatment: What to Expect

Going to the dentist for a routine cleaning is scary for some, so seeing a dentist for a chipped tooth may be altogether petrifying.To ease your mind, here are some of the ways a dentist may treat your chipped tooth.

  • Breaks – Minor breaks, like a small chip, may not need any serious treatment. Often, these tooth injuries can be polished or filled fairly quickly. Serious breaks, though, disturb the nerve of the tooth and require a bit more work. If your tooth breaks to the point of it bleeding, you will need a root canal to remove the exposed nerve.
  • Cracks – Minor cracks are barely visible and tend to only graze the outermost part of your tooth. These can generally be left untreated, or smoothed out with a quick polish. If your entire tooth is cracked, however, you will likely need it filled and topped with a crown to prevent further cracking. If the nerve is damaged, you will need a root canal.
  • Splits – Split teeth can be quite serious. This means that your tooth has a crack all the way through. Some teeth, like your back molars, have two roots, while others have one. Depending on the injury, treatment will vary, but most cases are treated with anything from a filling and crown to a full tooth replacement.

Schedule Your Appointment

Even if you are not concerned about your chipped tooth, it is important to check with a professional. Barganier & LeCroy DMD can provide any chipped tooth treatment necessary for your injury. Schedule an appointment to have your tooth examined today!