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Dental Care for Teenagers

Young adults have a lot going on. Social pressures to look and act a certain way, on top of exams, homework, and extracurricular activities, coupled with their first taste of independence (getting their driver’s license) is a recipe of disaster just waiting to happen. Especially when it comes to their oral care.

Their tooth fairy bubble is burst, their schedules are maxed out, their appetites are out of control, their moods are unpredictable, and they may have just started to enjoy the taste of coffee. It’s no wonder why teens are prone to cavities! But – there is hope! We have some tips to help you encourage your teen to take the utmost care of their teeth, and their overall health.

Don’t Stop Parenting!

The young adult years are all about learning to handle independence. For a parent, this can be tough waters to navigate. On one hand, you want them to make mistakes (and learn from them), and on the other hand, you need them to stay healthy.

Good news! When it comes to their teeth (and their general health) you get a pass! They are, and will always be, your child, and their health should never be compromised. So, every morning and every night, don’t be ashamed that you are still asking your teenager, “Did you brush your teeth?”…because, chances are….they didn’t.

Lead by Example

The only way any person can learn to care for himself and for others is through example. If you show your teen that good oral hygiene is important to you in a positive way, your reminders and your concern will line up with your actions, and your children will take note.

Healthy Eating

Instead of allowing your child to mindlessly graze the pantry, create a mindful selection of foods. The teenager years are critical growing years, and they will likely have quite an appetite! Keep your pantry filled with healthy choices such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and eliminate foods high in sugar and drinks that have high acidity levels!

Get Them to the Dentist!

It takes hard work to parent a teen, but with consistency and dedication (and routine trips to the dentist), your teen will skate through high school cavity-free. Has your teen had their semi-annual dentist appointment yet? Schedule one today!