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Do I Need a Mouthguard for Teeth Clenching?

Have you ever woken up with a sore jaw? This may be because you are clenching your teeth together at night. Some nighttime clenching is expected. For instance, you may clench your jaw in your sleep if you are having a nightmare. This is normal. Persistent clenching, however, can cause great harm to your teeth and jaw, and needs to be addressed. If you are having a problem with teeth clenching, your dentist will likely prescribe a mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard, and what can you expect? We have your answers!

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What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a device that fits on top of your teeth to help prevent grinding or clenching. Grinding refers to a back a forth rubbing of your teeth, and clenching is when you press or bite down for a significant amount of time.

Mouthguards serve as a protective layer for the teeth, reducing strain of the jaw muscles and the risk of chipping or cracking your teeth. They do not help correct the problem of clenching or grinding, but instead, serve as a replacement surface to grind against. Instead of grinding your own teeth into your gums, you will grind them on the mouthguard.

How Will a Mouthguard Feel?

The way a mouthguard feels inside your mouth is dependant on whether you go for a generic mouthguard at your local drugstore, or a custom-fitted one from your dentist. While a generic brand is less expensive, they will likely come with a higher level of discomfort, and may even make grinding worse.

A custom-fitted mouthguard will be noticeable, but after a few weeks of wear, it should feel like it belongs in your mouth at night. Instead of producing more discomfort like a generic brand, a custom fit will allow you to have a more peaceful night of sleep!

Get Fitted for a Mouthguard for Teeth Clenching in Birmingham!

If you are struggling with jaw pain, or worried that you may be grinding your teeth at night, it is important to talk with a professional. If need be, Barganier and Lecroy DMD can take an impression of your teeth to create a custom-fit mouthguard just for you! Contact us for an appointment today!