Don’t Fear The Dentist | Dentist in Birmingham, AL

Do you dread going in for a teeth cleaning? Does the sound of a dental drill make you cringe? Is your dentist your secret arch-enemy? You most likely have dental fear.

Your oral hygiene is crucial to your overall health, and combatting your dental fear is imperative. LeCroy Dental has some experience dealing with dental fear, and we want to help you fight it!

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You Are Not Alone

Sometimes all it takes to feel better about a situation is to find out you are not alone in your struggle. Dental anxiety and phobia is real, and many people feel it. Need some statistics to help?

  • The American Association of Endodontists conducted a study that showed 80% of adult Americans fear the dentist
  • 10-15% of American’s fear will prevent them from seeing a dentist consistently
  • 5-10% of American adults have dental phobia – preventing them from ever seeking dental care

Reducing The Fear

Dental fears can be overcome. In fact, studies show that even the most extreme cases of dental fear can be reversed. All it takes is some positive reinforcement. Your positive dental experiences need to start outweighing the negative ones.  

How can you create positive dental experiences? First, determine what it is you are most scared of.  Many of the most feared experiences presented at a dentist can be blocked.

  • Scared of the noise? Bring some earplugs
  • Startled by the tools? Ask what they are used for and if you can hold them
  • Afraid of the unknown? Request thorough explanation before and throughout your visit
  • Apprehensive of the dentist himself? Bring a loved on in with you, or try using humor

If you can not think of one specific thing that is scaring you, and firmly feel it is the experience as a whole, there are many calming techniques you can try!

  • Wear clothes that you often relax in to your appointment (preferably ones that keep you warm)
  • Wear headphones and listen to your favorite relaxing music
  • Practice a calming breathing strategy (deep breath in, hold, let out slowly)
  • If you have time, get in a good workout before! Expend that nervous energy!
  • Studies show drinking black tea can reduce stress
  • Plan to reward yourself for conquering your fear!

All of these techniques will help keep you from having an unfavorable experience at the dentist and can aid in reducing your dental fear altogether, but the most important thing to consider is the dentist themselves!

Choosing The Right Dentist in Birmingham, AL

The best way to choose a dentist you can trust is to ask your family and friends, or look online for reviews, but for many with dental fear, even this doesn’t help.

When searching for a dentist, ask for your first appointment to be more of a consultation. Get a feel for your dentist. See if they are someone who makes you feel comfortable. Express your fears to them, and determine if the dentist is someone who you believe will work with you.

All dentists are aware of dental fear. They see it frequently. A good dentist will be patient and more than happy to work with you in order to calm your nerves, and ultimately, lead you to a happy, healthier life (with a brighter smile!)

LeCroy Dental would be happy to guide you through your dental fear. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that makes our patients feel at home. Contact us today for a dentist in Birmingham, AL that can help you get rid of your fear!