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Foods for Healthy Teeth: What Should I Eat?

Great oral health is about a lot more than just brushing twice a day. The food you eat has a huge impact on your overall health—and especially the health of your mouth! Keep reading for tips on eating foods for healthy teeth. 

Why Diet Is So Important

When it comes to strong, healthy teeth, nutrition and diet are especially important for children. Deficiencies in vitamins and protein can lead to issues like abnormal jaw bone development, periodontal disease, delayed tooth eruption, poor tooth formation, and more. Whole, nutrient-dense foods are the way to go! 

The Importance of Protein

Protein helps repair damaged tissue and build strong, healthy bones—both of which are essential to a healthy mouth. It can help avoid having low levels of bone mineral density, or BMD, which can lead to serious problems like weakened periodontal ligaments, bone loss, or a weakened jaw. Focusing on getting more protein in your diet can help a lot!

Foods for Healthy Teeth

When it comes to food that’s good for your mouth, it’s not hard to guess which ones you should eat and which ones you should avoid. Calcium-rich foods? Yes! Sticky, sugary candy? Not so much. But, in addition to just eating healthier in general, try to incorporate nutrient-rich foods like leafy greens, yogurt, and vegetables into your diet. Protein-rich foods are also important—things like fish, eggs, and chicken or turkey can help improve your bone density. 

Foods for Strong Enamel

Your enamel is very important. It’s the thin coating on your teeth that helps protect them from decay! But overtime your enamel can wear and weaken. Acids and sugars are the main culprits when it comes to eroding enamel, so avoid those when you can. If you want to enjoy something with a lot of acid or sugar, don’t stress—but try to drink some water right after to help flush that bacteria away! 

Some foods and drinks that can help strengthen your enamel include fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, things containing fluoride, foods that are high in protein, green tea, black tea, and sugar-free gum. 

Foods to Avoid

It’s easy to remember what foods to avoid for healthy teeth—most of them aren’t good for your overall health, either, and should be kept to a minimum. Sugary, sticky candy is among the worst! The longer sugar stays in your mouth and on your teeth, the more damage it can do. And when you eat something sticky and hard to remove, the sugar and bacteria can have a field day. 

Swapping out a soda for a sparkling water, flossing regularly, and brushing your teeth right after enjoying some candy are all good habits to try to integrate into your daily life! And, of course, visiting your dentist regularly to make sure you’re on the right track with your oral health. 

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