Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Do you wonder if whitening products really work, why your gums itch, or what kind of toothpaste to use? Many people ask these dental questions and more. Here are a few frequently asked questions to keep you in the know and keep your smile bright.

Why Do I Still Have Buildup When I Brush and Floss Daily? 

There is a large salivary gland under the tongue that produces saliva to fight bacteria and keep your teeth healthy—but some saliva contains high levels of minerals which produce tartar and hardened plaque faster than others. If you have frequent buildup along the backside of your anterior (front) teeth, it may be due to your saliva. Keep brushing and flossing daily and talk to your dentist to see if more frequent cleanings are needed.

What Toothpaste is Best?

There are many types and brands of toothpaste to choose from, which is good news since each mouth has unique needs. If you suffer from tooth decay, a cavity fighting toothpaste with sodium fluoride will help prevent further damage. Choose a tartar control toothpaste to fight off rapid plaque buildup. Talk to your dental professional if you are unsure what features you should look for to help keep your mouth healthy.

Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Work?

Yes, whitening toothpaste does work. However, there are limits to how effective a whitening toothpaste is. Often these toothpastes contain abrasive materials that can damage enamel while only removing superficial surface stains. For a safe, effective way to whiten teeth, opt for whitening trays or talk to your dentist about in-office treatments. 

Is it Normal for Gums to Bleed or Itch?

Itchy or bleeding gums are often a sign of inflammation and possible infection. It is important to address these issues with your dentist. Brushing and flossing regularly will help prevent inflammation caused by harmful bacteria in your mouth. Although, even with good hygiene practices, patients with crooked teeth, fillings, crowns, or bridges are more prone to inflammation. The bacteria hide in areas that are hard to reach and can cause damage if not treated properly. Keep regular appointments to have your teeth cleaned twice a year to keep these harmful bacteria from causing trouble. 

Pregnancy, medications, and other health conditions may cause gums to bleed as well. Alert your dental professional to any changes, and remember that your oral health impacts your  overall health.

What About Cosmetic Options?

Teeth whitening is the most common treatment with quick and effective results. Be sure to get checked for signs of tooth decay before treatment, as the acidity levels in whitening agents may aggravate the condition.

To give the appearance of a straighter, whiter smile, consider dental veneers. These custom-made thin shells fit right over your teeth, making them a great option for chipped, misshapen, or stained teeth.

Do you have other dental questions? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist. Let the professionals at Barganier and LeCroy help get you back in routine. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning.