Halloween Candy

It’s the spooktacular time of year where kids and adults alike tend to be tricked into overdoing the treats. Believe it or not, there are actually some sweets that won’t leave your teeth looking ghoulish after Halloween is over! Here are some important dental tips on how to enjoy Halloween candy without spooking out your teeth.

Some Halloween candy is better than others. It all depends on the amount of sugar in the candy, and the length of time your teeth are exposed to that sugar. When the bacteria in your mouth attacks the sugar you’re eating, it produces acid which in turn weakens your tooth enamel—this is what leads to cavities. 

Sweet Treats that Don’t Spook

Dark Chocolate

It won’t stick to your teeth as much as hard candy, has less sugar than milk chocolate, and with other benefits like antioxidants, it’s a good choice for your teeth.

ADA-Approved Gum

While not as commonly found in a Halloween bucket, ADA approved sugar-free gum is the best candy for your teeth overall. Chewing gum increases your saliva production, clearing out food stuck in your teeth, and the natural sweeteners won’t stick to your teeth either.

Fun Dip and Powdery Candies

Though they contain a lot of sugar, they quickly dissolve and can be poured directly on your tongue to avoid touching your teeth at all. 

Sugar-Free Candy

As far as cavities are concerned, sugar is the number one culprit. Any sugar-free candy is a safe bet for prevention. Opt for hard candies and lollipops to stimulate saliva production and prevent bacteria.

Treats that Play Tricks

Gummy Candy

Overall, any type of sticky candy is the worst for your teeth. They stay in your mouth longer, giving bacteria more time to form cavities.

Sour Candy

These candies are more acidic, giving oral bacteria the upper hand to form cavities by weakening enamel.

Sugary Hard Candy

Not just the sugar is harmful in these tough treats. The hardness can crack and damage your teeth if you’re not careful.

A Few Other Dental Tips to Remember this Halloween:

  • Be sure to brush twice a day and floss once a day
  • Use an ADA-approved toothpaste and replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months
  • Avoid sodas and sugary drinks
  • Don’t over indulge in Halloween treats

The team at Barganier & LeCroy is here to answer your questions about how to keep smiling after the Halloween candy is gone. Contact us today to schedule a check up!