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Is There Such a Thing as Brushing Too Much?

Ever since we were little, it has been written into our minds that brushing our teeth is one of the most important things in life, and for good reason. Brushing is our main line of defense against one of our mouth’s number-one enemies: plaque.

For all of the good that brushing our teeth does, could it also create trouble in our mouths? If we overbrush, it can actually do more harm than good! If we take the time to understand why this is the case and work to improve our habits, however, we can prevent damage to our teeth and gums.

The Problem

Over-brushing can create severe problems for our teeth and gums. For teeth, the constant battle against the brush can wear down our enamel. This creates more sensitive teeth, which is equally unpleasant and unhealthy.

Sadly, the effects of overbrushing are even more severe to gums. Brushing too hard can cause the gums to recede, which leads to many serious problems including disease and cavities. This will lead to much more money spent on fillings and root canals. The irony that trying extra hard to keep your teeth clean actually caused more damage to your mouth may not be appreciated while you’re balancing your monthly budget.

The Answer

The first step to balancing how hard you brush your teeth is realizing that brushing harder does not make your teeth cleaner. As we said earlier, the main focus of brushing is removing plaque. Plaque is removed rather easily, as long as it is reached. The force behind the brush does not matter as much as the quality of its coverage.

Brush strength is also very important. Try using a soft or extra soft brush to give your teeth and gums a break. Brush at a 45 degree angle for 2-3 minutes, and don’t push so hard that the bristles are pressed too firmly along your gums. Practice these steps along with flossing, and you will soon reach the perfect balance.

Let Barganier & LeCroy DMD Help!

Now that you know that it is possible to have too much of a good thing, it’s time to act! If you have already caused damage, or want to ensure that you haven’t, it is important to see a dentist. Barganier & LeCroy DMD has the experience and knowledge to stop your dental problems before they become worse. Contact us today for more information!