Thanksgiving Foods You Should Avoid & Eat for Healthier Teeth

We’re always thankful for Thanksgiving dinner, but if we aren’t mindful of what we put on our plates, our teeth can suffer the consequences! There are foods you should gravitate toward and those you should avoid this Thanksgiving to guarantee that your smile is shining for many holidays to come. We’re going to answer your questions and share with you what those foods are to help keep your pearly whites sparkling this Thanksgiving! 

Can Thanksgiving Foods Be Good For My Teeth?

This may come as a surprise, but not all Thanksgiving foods are bad for your teeth. In fact, some of them are beneficial for your dental health! 

Thanksgiving Foods That Benefit Your Smile 

#1: Turkey

That’s right, the most popular dish at Thanksgiving feasts is fantastic for your dental health! Gobble up plenty of turkey! Not only does it lack starch and sugar that can cause cavities, but it also packs a punch of vitamin D that works to support the strength of your enamel!

#2: Chopped Veggies

Vegetables are a great source of nutrients for the rest of your body. But did you know that chewing chopped veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and celery can help prevent bacteria from collecting in your mouth? Chewing crunchy veggies stimulates extra saliva production, which is our mouth’s natural way of cleaning that harmful bacteria out! 

#3: Pumpkin Pie

This one’s probably surprising (it’s a “dessert”), but don’t let pumpkin pie scare you! It’s rich in calcium and vitamin C, so it’ll satisfy your “sweet tooth” AND fortify the health of your teeth!

Looking for something great to snack on between courses? Cheese and nuts are tasty and great for your teeth—they’re full of calcium and protein!

So, Which Thanksgiving Foods Should I Avoid?

Now you know about all the delicious options you should reach for, avoiding the more harmful ones won’t seem so hard! Here are the Thanksgiving foods that your teeth will be better off without:

  • Caramel Corn: This is the treat you’ll want to steer clear of. Not only is regular popcorn a menace to your teeth, but the caramel sugar can cause serious bacteria buildup!
  • Rolls and Stuffing: We know you can’t have a proper Thanksgiving dinner without them. But both foods are full of starch and sugary carbs that can become a feast for cavity-causing bacteria lurking around. Of course, you’ll have some anyway, so be sure to wash away any food debris by drinking plenty of water.
  • Alcohol: It’s more than okay to indulge in a glass of wine to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family, but remember that drinking alcohol too often can be very dehydrating, can cause enamel erosion, and significantly decrease necessary saliva production.
  • Desserts: We all love a little dessert. That doesn’t have to stop altogether, but desserts full of starch and sugar can turn your mouth into a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Like with rolls and stuffing, be sure to wash it down with plenty of water—and savor these sweet treats in moderation. 

We hope you’ve learned some helpful information about the best and worst Thanksgiving foods for your teeth. And we’re happy to help you sport the brightest holiday smiles after reading our tips and tricks! Have more questions related to dental health, holiday-related or otherwise? Contact us today or make an appointment; we’d love to see your smiling face!