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Warm Beverages That Won’t Do as Much Damage to Your Teeth

Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season, but there are always things to look forward to! Big sweaters, holidays spent with family and friends, and your favorite hot beverages. Those first two things are great for you—but, the unfortunate truth is, some of your go-to hot beverages probably aren’t very good for your teeth. Keep reading for some safer options—as well as some tips and tricks to keep your smile bright this season. 

Use Milk Instead

Did you know that roast coffee beans can actually help prevent cavities? Coffee, in and of itself, isn’t bad for your teeth (although it can contribute to stains): It’s the sugary syrups and creamers that are actually bad! If you don’t like your coffee black, consider adding milk instead of sweetened cream. If you’re a plant milk drinker, that works too! Soy milk and other dairy alternatives contain a significant amount of vitamin D and calcium to help keep your teeth strong. 

Green and Herbal Teas

If you’re more of a tea drinker, consider opting for green and herbal teas instead of traditional black tea. Not only do these kinds of teas have anti-inflammatory properties: They also don’t contain as many tannins as black tea. Switching to green or herbal tea will help you avoid stains. Green tea, especially, is great for your oral health!

Everything in Moderation

The holiday season is packed full of delicious treats and, while we aren’t saying that you should avoid them altogether, we do suggest indulging in moderation. If you find yourself drinking more hot chocolate this time of year, consider trying a sugar-free recipe. Or try to brush your teeth thoroughly after enjoying it! 

Make Sure You’re Drinking Water, Too!

While you’re enjoying some of your favorite seasonal drinks, make sure one of the drinks you’re enjoying is water! Staying hydrated is crucial to your oral and overall health. After sipping on some hot apple cider, wash away some of that bacteria and sugar with some refreshing water. Too cold for a glass of ice water? Enjoy some hot water with lemon and honey instead!

Straws Can Help You Avoid Stains

There are a lot of beverages we enjoy this time of year that not only impact our oral hygiene, but also stain the surfaces of our teeth. Opting to drink through a straw whenever you can can help with this! When you use a straw, the liquid doesn’t have to pass over and through your teeth. This can significantly decrease yellowing of your pearly whites!

Healthy Teeth for the Holidays

While oral health might not be at the top of your mind this season, keep these tips in mind for a brighter, healthier smile all year long. Are you due for a deep clean? Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is the best way to keep your mouth in tip-top shape. Schedule an appointment with us today!