What You Can Do to Strengthen Enamel

Your enamel works day and night to protect your teeth from decay. But odds are you’re doing a few things to weaken your enamel, leaving your teeth more susceptible to damage over time. Keeping this in mind and making a few enamel-friendly choices every day can make a huge difference! 

Keep reading for some expert tips to strengthen enamel for the long haul. 

Things You Can Do to Strengthen Enamel

Avoid Acidity

Acid is your enamel’s worst enemy—it’ll wear down that outer protective layer and leave your teeth exposed to the oral elements! Things you might commonly consume that contain a lot of acid include coffee and soft drinks. Unfortunately, there are other things you probably wouldn’t think of as acidic—because they’re actually sweet!

The bacteria in your mouth converts the sugar and starch from your food into acid. So, even if you regularly avoid acidic food and drinks, you could still be harming your teeth with your diet. Most dairy products and leafy greens are great to strengthen enamel. 

Don’t Let Your Mouth Get Too Dry

Did you know that saliva does more than break down food? It’s a natural enamel protector, neutralizing acid and washing away left over bits of food and bacteria. Make sure you’re staying well-hydrated to avoid dry mouth! If you have a cold, or can’t breathe through your nose very well, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water. 

Want to hear an expert tip? Chew some sugarless gum for about 20 minutes after eating. Doing so will further stimulate saliva production after you’re done eating, helping to flush everything away and protect your teeth!

Brush Regularly

You probably already know this one, but it bears repeating! What starts out as food stuck to your teeth can quickly turn into plaque, which can in turn develop into tartar—a very damaging condition that can only be removed by a professional. Brushing thoroughly at least twice a day—and flossing at least once a day—will go a long way in protecting that precious enamel!

Keep Tabs on Heartburn

We don’t blame you if you never thought about heartburn affecting your teeth, but it can! Stomach acid (remember, acid is enamel’s worst enemy!) can back up into your mouth while you’re experiencing heartburn, wearing down your enamel. 

If you suffer from heartburn regularly, try to figure out what kinds of food or beverages cause it. If it seems to be a chronic issue, talk to your doctor about ways to mitigate it. You’ll be more comfortable in your daily life, and your enamel will stay strong and healthy. 

In Need of a Checkup?

Unfortunately, a lot of oral health issues creep up over time, making them difficult to catch on your own. Starting with a clean slate every six months is the best way to strengthen enamel for years to come! Get in touch with LeCroy Dental today to set up an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!